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Yaesu M 70 Desk Microphone

Yaesu M 70 Desk Microphone

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Yaesu M 70 Desk Microphone

The M-70 is a new table microphone designed for everyday use. It is also suitable for radio amateurs who do not use it every day, but for whom a simple handheld microphone is not enough and too uncomfortable.

The M-70 offers a frequency response of 30 - 17000 Hz, which is adapted to radio communication. A switchable high-pass filter limits the frequency response to 340 Hz in the lower range.

The M-70 fits almost all Yaesu transceivers of the last years, see technical data. The universal microphone cable allows the use of transceivers with RJ-45 socket as well as transceivers with 8-pin round socket.

Some older transceivers require an additional power supply unit; with more modern radios, the microphone is supplied via the radio.

Older radios which require an additional power supply:

FT-747, FT-840, FT-850, FT-990, FT 991, FT 991A, FT-1000