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WIMO SHF 2328 23cm Yagi 28 Element 15.4 dBD

WIMO SHF 2328 23cm Yagi 28 Element 15.4 dBD

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The "SHF 2328" model is the ideal start-up model for 1.3 GHz; the antenna is a mere 1.5 m long and has 16 dBD gain. The mechanical data is almost identical to the other SHF-antennas. The electrical characteristics are absolutely identical with the SHF long yagis except for the 3-dB beamwidth and the gain. The antennas have an very high f/b ratio because of the use of 8 reflectors. This is in particular important for high-gain yagis: even the highest gain gets useless if unwanted signals or interferences are being received from the back side of the antenna.

23cm Yagi 28-element

15.4dBd gain

Frequency 1240 - 1300MHz

Elements 28 

Gain 15.4dBd 3dB beamwidth 21.8

Sidelobes -17 F/B ratio 26 Stacking distance 570mm

VSWR 1.2:1

Wind Load (120km/h) 38N