PNI ESCORT HP 9001 PRO ASQ 12v 24v CB Radio UK EU

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PNI ESCORT HP 9001 PRO ASQ 12v 24v CB Radio UK EU

Dual power supply 12V-24V cc

The CB PNI Escort HP 9001 radio station can be mounted both on cars with 12V power supply, as well as on trucks or TIRs with 24V power supply.

PNI HP 9001 station offers its users the ASQ, automatic squelch function, which is suitable for most reception situations. In FM mode in a certain free channel the noise can be annoying. With the Squelch function you can reduce this noise, but at the same time signals that are too weak to be received properly. The squelch can also be adjusted from the ASQ button on the microphone.

The HP 9001 radio station has a standard 6-pin microphone jack on the front panel. The microphone included in the package has buttons for channel selection, PTT button and ASQ activation button.

The HP 9001 PNI radio station complies with the latest European CB standards. As a unique option, the station has a switch for modulation type (AM or FM) which allows you to select the operating mode.

HP 9001 PNI radio station offers multiple functions for complex use: SCAN function for channel scanning, MEM function for channel storage, RF Gain function, for radio amplification control at reception, Dual Watch function, which allows monitoring of two different channels and ANL function , noise analyzer.

Multicolor illuminated screen

PNI Escort HP 9001 ASQ has a front panel (LCR) button for changing the color of the screen. The illumination of the LCD screen can be changed depending on the outside light, for easier use at night.