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PNI Escort HP 62 portable CB radio handheld antenna, battery pack, Car , Charger

PNI Escort HP 62 portable CB radio handheld antenna, battery pack, Car , Charger

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PNI Escort HP-62 is a hand-held CB radio (27MHz) - a very good price-performance ratio. EU & UK Channels
Band: I, I2, D4, EU, EC, E, F, PL, UK

CB Radio PNI Escort HP 62 multi standard Handheld Handset For Car.

Multifunctional lighting screen

The illuminated display shows the current working mode of the station: the active functions (EMG, LOCK, SC, DW), the frequency band and the number of the selected channel, as well as the power of the received signal and the transmitted signal.

Portable, small size

Similar to a walkie-talkie, the CB PNI Escort HP 62 station is extremely accessible and convenient in use due to its small size, only 73 x 35 x 92 mm - without the power adapter. Thus, you can place the station in the armrest or in the confined spaces on board any car.

Multiple functions

Although small in size, PNI Escort HP 62 is equipped with most of the functions required for a CB station, thus satisfying the requirements of any user. Features such as RF Gain, Scan, Automatic Squelch, Dual Watch or Last channel recall make the station easy to adapt to different communication needs.

Connectivity: BNC connector, 2-pin socket and PL259 socket

AA type battery holder

Support for 6 AA batteries is compatible with the PNI Escort HP 62. Radio station. It can be used when you do not want to power the station from the lighter socket, but you want to use it as a portable station powered by batteries and with the BNC antenna.

Mains Charger & UK adapter