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PNI CB Radio Escort HP 7120 . ASQ RF Gain, 4W, 12V with CB Antenna PNI Extra 48

  • £49.95
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PNI CB Radio Escort HP 7120   EU & UK Channels

Small size

The small dimensions of the CB Radio (only 110x120x25mm) allow it to be located in the very narrow spaces of your car, without disturbing you while driving.

4W emission power / 12V power supply

CB PNI Escort HP 7120  with the maximum power allowed by 4 W. It is supplied at 12V with the help of the lighter plug included in the package.


The CB PNI Escort HP 7120 allows the communication in the FM band, but also in the AM band used in some countries of the European Union. Besides the type of band, the station also allows the selection of the norm (of the frequency band), setting necessary for the use of the station in other countries of Europe. Default band: EC 40CH FM 4W.

Squelch double, adjustable and automatic digital

PNI Escort HP 7120 is upgraded with a digital automatic noise reduction and interference system (Digital Automatic Squelch). The manual and automatic dual squelch mode offers 28 and 9-level adjustments along with the RF Gain function for finer reception tuning.