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PNI CB Antenna Pack Led 2000 length 90 cm and magnetic base PNI 145. 500w illuminates during transmission

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PNI CB Antenna Pack Led 2000 length 90 cm and magnetic base PNI 145 / PL.  500w

illuminates during transmission

26-28 MHz, compatible with PL259 plug, illuminates during transmission

CB PNI Led 2000 antenna with magnetic base with a diameter of 145 mm has a total length of 95 cm. The package is equipped with everything you need for quick use and assembly.

PNI LED 2000 brings an innovative element in the field of CB antennas: the antenna coil lights up when the station emits. The higher the emission power, the higher the light intensity of the LED.


The performance of the PNI LED 2000 antenna is closely related to the technical characteristics of the antenna in ideal mounting and use conditions: SWR <1.2: 1, maximum applied power 500 W, impedance 52 Ohms, stainless steel, etc.

Cable length

Cable length is an important factor in choosing a magnetic base. The base from PNI 145 / PL has a quality cable with a length of 4 m, which allows the placement of the antenna on the dome of the car without any problem, and the placement of the cable so as not to disturb the passengers.