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MVV 2000 VOX Pre Amplifier 2m 70cm 23cm

MVV 2000 VOX Pre Amplifier 2m 70cm 23cm

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Wide band mast pre-amplifier for the amateur bands 2m, 70cm and 23cm, and with limitations also usable on 13cm. Good amplification factor of approx. 20 dB over the wide frequency range of 90 to 2000 MHz. This makes this pre-ampo also nicely suitable for broadcast listening, airband (incl. ADS-B!), DAB+ or DVB-T. When transmitting a VOX circuit detects the emitted power and switches the pre amp automatically off. But a wired PTT line can be used also. The max. allowed transmit power is 100 W SSB or 40 W FM. The insertion loss is approx. 0.5 dB at 435MHz. Connectors are N-type female, weatherproof mast mount enclosure incl. bracket for a max. mast diameter of 56mm. Power supply via coaxial cable or separate feed line.

Technical Data MVV-2000VOX

Frequency Range 90 - 2000 MHz

Noise Figure typ. ca. 2.5 dB @ 1.3 GHz MdB

Amplification ca. 20 dB HF power 100 W SSB 40 W FM

Insertion Loss 0,5 dB @ 435MHz

Supply Voltage 12-14 V

Power Consumption 250 mA max.

Mast Diameter 56 mm