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MVV 1296 VOX Mast pre amplifier for 23cm

MVV 1296 VOX Mast pre amplifier for 23cm

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The MVV 1296-VOX mast pre-amp is a low-noise antenna pre-amplifier in a double-shelled housing. The outer housing made of ABS is weatherproof and suited for mast mounting. The inner metal housing ensures a high shielding factor against unwanted irradiation and protects the components of the amplifier against harmful environmental influences effectively.The MVV 1296-VOX has two stages to gain enough amplification for longer feed lines, also. The input stage is equipped with a low-noise microwave GaAs FET, the second stage uses a microwave IC (MMIC). The amplification is continuously adjustable, which helps to adjust to particular cable lengths. A three-circuit stripline filter provides the necessary preselection.The MVV 1296-VOX is equipped with UHF-capable print coaxial relays, which ensure a low-attenuation carriage of the transmission power. Transmit/receive changeover is done via a PTT input or automatically by the integrated HF-VOX. With the protection circuit even in VOX operation a reliable transit/receive changeover up to 180 Watt at SSB mode is guaranteed. The operating voltage is supplied either via a separate two wire line or by remote power via coaxial cable. If the transceiver does not already provide 12V voltage for powering a pre-amp via coaxial cable, then another Bias-T (Order No. 26137.23) for remote power supply is required. Delivery includes mast clamps.

Technical Data Receive Pre-Amplifier MVV 1296 VOX

Frequency Range 1240-1300 MHz

Noise figure typ. 0,8-1,2 dB

Amplification typ. 22 dB

Max. Power (SSB) 180 Watt Max.

Power (FM) 100 Watt Insertion loss < 0,5 dB transmit-receive-switching HF-VOX or PTT-controlled

Supply voltage 13,5 V

Power requirement c. 200 mA

Mast diameter 56 mm

Connectors N