Moonraker Minor Plus 80ch 12v/24v MINI STINGER MULTI COLOURS Flat Bar Mirror Mount

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This kit contains everything needed to get you started within miniutes.Your kit includes the Moonraker Minor Plus 80ch 12v/24v, Mini Stinger Antenna, Mirror Mount

Moonraker Minor Plus 80ch 12v/24v CB Radio Specifications: 

  • 80 UK/EU channels

  • Full 4 watts output

  • LED Readout

  • Robust lightweight up/down microphone

  • Small compact design

 Mini Stinger

  • Type: Base loaded spring CB antenna  
  • Frequency: 27-28MHz
  • Length: 90cm
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 or better
  • Power: 1000 Watts 
  • Fitting: Standard 3/8th thread 

 2-Way Rail Mount 

  • Type: Aluminium flat bar mirror mount 
  • Fitting: standard 3/8th fitting
  • Coax: 4 metres RG58
  • Connection: PL259 plug fitted