Midland M 20 Mobile CB Radio With USB Bluetooth EU UK

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Midland M 20 Mobile CB Radio With USB Bluetooth EU UK


  • Bands: Multi

  • Large white LCD display,

  • AM/FM switch

  • Automatic digital squelch, digital S-Meter

  • Selectable audio: internal, from earphones, or both

  • ANL and Noise Blanker System that can be selected and disabled

  • 9-19 emergency channel and selectable priority channel

  • Microphone with Up/Down and priority channel

  • USB socket for smartphone and tablet recharging

  • 2 pin socket for accessories

  • External loudspeaker socket

  • 6 pin microphone connector

larger screen and more functions make M20 the top of the Multimedia CB range. 
M20 allows wireless communication thanks to the new optional Bluetooth WA series accessories
connected to the 2-pin socket. The 2 pin socket also allows the use of the traditional wired Midland accessories. (please see our listings for Bluetooth options)

The front USB socket makes the M20 a practical power supply, always accessible to recharge electronic devices such as smartphone and tablet.