Midland Alan 48 Excel Mobile CB Multi Radio

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Midland Alan 48 Excel Mobile CB Multi Radio

The Alan 48 Excel walkie talkie supports operation in 400 channels of the European range.

The radio station uses technology - "ESP2", a dynamic filter that reduces noise that interferes with audio signals. Scan mode and scan of two selected channels, memory on five channels.

The model provides the ability to quickly emergency call.

The microphone is equipped with a button for quickly switching channels. Also in Alan 48 Excel there is a six-pin microphone jack, the ability to connect an external speaker, and a signal level meter.

40 channels EU 40 channels UK

Features Alan 48 Excel:

Backlit display

Front Panel Buttons

Compact mic with channel switching (UP / DOWN) and six-pin connector

Connector for connecting an external speaker and a megaphone and an external device for measuring signal level

Infinitely adjustable receiver sensitivity and microphone gain

Five channel memory

Dynamic filter "ESP2", reduces noise interfering with audio signals. It improves audibility, and serves for a clearer and more understandable audio presentation.

Emergency channel quick call

Key lock

Scan mode

Two-channel scan