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MFJ 4716 - 6 position Desk antenna switch 1.8-150

MFJ 4716 - 6 position Desk antenna switch 1.8-150

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Use this MFJ-4716 Six-position Antenna Switch on your desk or place it out-of-way under your desk or in another room and use a remote control.
A simple rotary switch lets you select 1 of 6 antennas. All unused inputs are grounded. You can connect a sense line to your transceiver so when itoff, all inputs are automatically grounded.
In the OFF position, all inputs are grounded or control is transferred to the MFJ-4716RC,  Remote Control.
Ultra-fast gas discharge tube lightning surge protector protects transceiver and safely shunts static electricity and lightning induced surges safely to ground. Does not protect against a direct lightning hit.
Super easy-to-use -- just one simple rotary switch. There are no complicated computer buttons to learn or microprocessors to fail or generate RFI that could mask rare DX.
SO-239 connectors.

1500 Watts/50-75 Ohm load,

1-60 MHz. Useable to 150 MHz.

Connects to MFJ-4716RC remote control with common CAT 5 cable, not included .

Use 12 VDC or 110 VDC with MFJ-1312D, 8Wx23/4Hx41/4D inches.

For indoor use, not weather protected.