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Maas DP 70 4m 70MHz Dipole

  • £42.95
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Maas 70 MHz dipole antenna for the 4m band in amateur radio and comradio 69 MHz in Sweden

indestructible quality made in Germany. With stainless steel cable.

Technical specifications :

1/2 lambda dipole for 70 MHz (4m AFU band, 69 MHz - 71 MHz - AFU 70.150 - 70.200 MHz)

Komradio .se: 69.0125MHz, 69.0375MHz, 69.0625MHz, 69.0875MHz, 69.1125MHz, 69.1375MHz, 69.1625MHz, 69.1875MHz

Length approx. 2 m (depending on the desired center frequency)

Connection PL socket

Stainless steel rope (1.5 mm thick)

Balun 1: 1 (load capacity up to 500 watts)

Set SWR by shortening (dipole is supplied too long, as SWR depends on the environment)

Aluminum crimp sleeves and insulators included

Weight: 2.5 kg