Lafayette ERMES PRO Multistandard AM FM CB Radio Mobile Transceiver

Lafayette ERMES PRO Multistandard AM FM CB Radio Mobile Transceiver

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Operating controls, connectors: functions and uses. FUN (FUNCTION) button Your CB radio ERMES PRO is equipped with dual function buttons. Press each button to access the first function, to access the second function press the FUN button. To disable this function, press FUN button again.FR/BP (Frequency/Beep) button When this button is pressed, the channel frequency or number are displayed alternately. After FUN button is pressed, this button is used as Beep sound On/Off selector. When you press the FUN button and then this button, BP appears on LCD and you can use the Beep function. LCR (Last Channel Recall) button This button returns you to the last-used channel. Power/AF Volume Turn this control clockwise to switch on the CB radio and to increase the volume level. Turn it counter-clockwise, to decrease volume and switch off the radio.LCD The LCD displays all operating status of your CB radio.Channel Selector It is used to select the desired channel. Turn it clockwise to change the channel up and turn it counter clockwise to change the channel down. A channel up/down button is also located on the microphone. SQUELCH Control When turned clockwise, it quiets the receiver when there is no receiving signal and allows a quiet standby operation. AM/FM button This button is an AM or FM selector. When this button is pressed, AM or FM is displayed on the LCD. SC/M1 (Scan /Memory1) button. The first function of this button is scanning. When you press this button scanning starts through all 40 channels. The scanning stops at any BUSY channel and stays on that channel for ten seconds after the conversation ends, then it resumes scanning. DW/M2 (Dual Watch / Memory1) button Dual Watch allows you to work as if you had two receivers in your CB radio. It gives you the ability to monitor two different channels at a time When you press the DW button, DW will appears on the LCD and you can select the two channels you want to monitor using the Channel selector. The two channels will then be monitored every 0.5 seconds and displayed on the LCD alternately. If there is any signal in any of the two channels, the Dual Watch function stops and waits for 5 seconds. If you do not respond, the DW function resumes after 5 seconds, if you press the PTT button then your CB radio moves to the last received channel. Dual Watch function resumes 5 seconds after the transmission is closed. To stop the DW function, press the DW button again. CH9/M3 (Emergency / Memory 3) In case of an Emergency such as crime, fire, crash, etc, press this button for emergency calls, CH 9 will blink on the LCD. ASQ/M4 (Auto Squelch / Memory 4) ASQ is the Automatic Squelch Control function; when you press this button AQ is displayed on the LCD and the Squelch control function is automatically enabled. You can use this ASQ function when there are many and irregular noises. When ASQ is on, the manual SQ function will not work. NB: An ASQ control button is also located on the microphone. Unit 6 Pin Mic Jack


General Transmitter: Cristal controlled PLL synthesizer Receiver: Double conversion, superheterodyne system

Voltage operation: DC 13.8 V

Temperature: -10 ŒÁC ~ +55 Channel step: 10 kHz

Dimensions (LxHxD): 138 x 48 x 159 mm

Weight: 870 gr. without accessories Transmitter Output power: 4W AM/FM Frequency range: see table below Frequency tolerance: ±300 Hz Modulation sens: 3mV (1.25 kHz input)

Modulation capablity: AM: 90 % FM: 2 kHz

Receiver Sensitivity: AM: 0.5 εV (s/n 10dB) FM: 0.5 (sinad 12dB) Squelch: 1000 V

Automatic Squelch: 0.5ΠS/n ratio: 40 dB

Distortion: 3 %

Max power: 4 watt

S/meter (S-9): 100  Test condition

Power source: DC 13.8 Volt

Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm non-inductive

Audio impedance: 8 Ohm

List of Multistandard Frequencies Europe & UK 26.965 ~ 27.405 Mhz AM 1W FM 4W United Kingdom 27.60125 ~ 27.99125 Mhz FM 4W