M0CVO HW-42HP Off Centre Fed Dipole

M0CVO HW-42HP Off Centre Fed Dipole

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M0CVO HW-42HP is an Off Centre Fed Dipole with a difference.

Designed to operate on all bands from 40m (7MHz) - 6m (50MHz). It will operate on 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m without an ATU (SWR <3) plus 6m with an ATU. It is also possible to operate on both 80m (3.5MHz) and 60m (5MHz) via a good ATU. This will handle 400W key down or 500W PEP.

Having a feedpoint 1/3 of the way along gives a feedpoint impedance of 200ohms. This is not ideal for modern day transceivers requiring an antenna with a 50ohm impedance. Therefore, a 4:1 balun is added at the feedpoint to alter the impedance to something closer to the 50ohms required. This then allows the antenna to be fed using standard 50ohm coaxial cable such as RG8 or RG213.

The overall length of the antenna is 20.28m or 66ft. It may be mounted horizontally, as a sloper or as an inverted vee. If space is at a premium it may also be 'bent' to fit in with no loss in performance.

Please note that due to the package size of this item - >600mm - and expense of overseas shipping I am unable to offer it for sale to countries outside the UK.