GPA 80 HF Vertical 80 - 6M Antenna

GPA 80 HF Vertical 80 - 6M Antenna

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This is a great low cost way of getting on HF. Plug and play 80 through to 6m with perfect SWR when used with an ATU.


Type: Aluminium Vertical with Unun matched base

Frequency TX: 80 to 6M (3.5-57MHz) with tuner Frequency RX: 2.0-90MHz

Max Power: 400 Watts VSWR: Less than 1.5:1 over all bands

Impedance: 50 Ohms Base

connection: SO239

Length: 6m

Mast size: 25-42mm

VSWR: Without a tuner depending on installation 80m (3.5MHz) 1.5:1 approx 40m (7.0MHz) 2.0:1 approx 30m (10 MHz) 1.5:1 approx 20m (14 MHz) 2.5:1 approx 17m (18 MHz) 3.5:1 approx 15m (21 MHz) 1.5:1 approx 12m (24 MHz) 3.5:1 approx 10m (28 MHz) 1.5:1 approx 6m (50 MHz) 3.5:1 approx

Instillation Please insert each section of aluminium tube approx 10cm into each of the smaller sections and secure with the jubilee clips until all pieces are assembled äóñ Please ensure that antenna is erected in free space for best results