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Evouni Mini Card Reader - Black

Evouni Mini Card Reader - Black

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Evouni Mini Card Reader
This compact card reader is great for Memory Stick Micro (M2) and Micro SD. Simply insert the memory card and it fits into a USB port. When the inserted memory card, this unit works just like a USB drive would. The device conveniently attaches to your cell phone with a carrying strap. With our portable card reader, you can access and manage your photos, music, and documents easier than ever.

Descriptions on Product Features:

Functions as a portable USB Flash Drive and card reader (for M2 and Micro SD cards)
Supports USB specification v2.0 and plug and play
A convenient carry strap for attaching to cell phone
Windows system (ME/2000/XP/ Vista) and Mac system
Extremely compact and light weight, very stylish design!

Weight: 5g/ 0.17 ounces
Dimensions: 30*24*10mm/ 1.18*0.94*0.39 inches
Colour: Black