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Etymotic ER4-P Isolating Earphones


Next Best Thing to Live Music
Transparent, reference-quality sound
For audiophiles, performing musicians and recording engineers

For mixing, monitoring and critical listening
Accurate real-ear response
Unsurpassed isolation from outside sound
The ER 4 MicroPro䋢 earphones are the next best thing to live music, with noise isolation far surpassing that of active noise-canceling earphones. The ER 4s require NO batteries, and can be plugged into any audio source. Their external noise exclusion -- 33 dB with 3-flange eartips, 41 dB with foam eartips -- allows you to hear the full dynamic range of recordings without having to play them at unnaturally high and unsafe levels. The earphones come in three styles: ER 4B, ER 4S, ER 4P.

System Includes

ERäó¢4 MicroPro earphones
5 ft. cord with 3.5 mm stereo phone plug
1/4" stereo phone adapter plug
4 triple-flange eartips (standard size)
2 triple-flange eartips (small)
4 foam eartips
4 glider eartips
Filter changing tool
4 replacement filters
Shirt clip
Storage box

The Etymotic ER-4P has higher sensitivity and lower impedance than the ER-4S. This will allow you to use your lower powered CD, MD, or MP3 player without an additional amplifier. With a slightly modified frequency response, the ER-4P appears to have better bass response than the ER-4S.

Noise Reduction
ER 4 MicroPro Earphones provide the highest isolation of any earphone: 35-41 dB (two to three times that of active noise-canceling earphones). Etymotic ER 4 MicroPro earphones reduce sound naturally, without the added weight, bulk, or external power supply required for active noise-canceling.
3-flange eartips: 35 dB external noise isolation (NRR = 22dB)

Black foam eartips: 41 dB external noise isolation (NRR = 32dB
ER 4 Response Accuracy

ER 4 MicroPro Earphones are designed to match the acoustic response of the open ear. Music is naturally bright, but not harsh. The lack of coloration results in smooth treble, full bass, clear and natural piano, percussion and orchestral music.

ERäó¢4 Technical Specifications

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 16 kHz α4 dB
Acoustic polarity: + electrical = + acoustic
Transducer type: dynamic
1 kHz sensitivity (ERäó¢4B/ERäó¢4S): 108 dB SPL for a 1.0 volt input
1 kHz sensitivity (ERäó¢4P): 108 dB SPL for a .25v input
Impedance (ERäó¢4B/ERäó¢4S): 100 Ohms nominal
Impedance (ERäó¢4P): 27 Ohms nominal
Maximum output: 122 dB SPL
Maximum continuous input (ERäó¢4B/ERäó¢4S): 3.0 Vrms
Maximum continuous input (ERäó¢4P): .75 Vrms
Weight: less than 1 oz.

ER 4 Instructions For Use

The earphones fit into the ear canals with either soft plastic flanged eartips or foam eartips. The plastic eartips can be cleaned and reused.

Important: For best performance and the most solid bass response, eartips must be inserted deeply in the ear canals.

Insertion and Removal of Eartips

For best results, moisten the white soft plastic eartips before insertion.

Using your right hand, grasp the eartip with the red plug.

With your left hand, pull up and back on your right ear to straighten your ear canal.

Carefully insert the right earphone so that it seals deeply and comfortably in your ear.

Repeat procedure for the left ear, using the earphone with the blue plug.

Remove earphones slowly with a twisting motion to gradually break the seal.
Foam Eartips
If a good seal cannot be obtained with the white plastic eartips, use the black foam eartips supplied with the earphones.

Firmly grip the white eartip with one hand and the earphone with the other.

Remove the eartip from the earphone, and replace it with a black foam eartip.

Compress the foam eartip by rolling it between your fingers.

With the opposite hand, pull up and back on your ear to straighten your ear canal.

Carefully insert the earphone into the ear canal, holding it in place until the foam expands to produce a seal.
Proper Earphone Use
When used correctly, the ER 4 MicroPro earphones will provide excellent performance and high quality audio. Because the ER 4s provide exceptional sound reproduction and unrivaled isolation from outside sounds, high playback levels are unnecessary.

Set the volume control of the audio source to minimum.

Insert the 3.5mm earphone plug into the headphone jack (a 1/4" adapter is also supplied).

Set the volume control to a comfortable listening level.

Do not use insert earphones while driving a motorized vehicle, operating machinery, bicycling or jogging, because you may not be alerted to potential danger.

Do not use the earphones at excessively loud levels.
Care of Earphones

Do not expose earphones to extreme temperatures.

Avoid dropping or strong impact.

Keep earphones away from water and dust.

Do not pull on the cord to remove it from the jack or the ear.

Avoid bending the barrel in the center of the cord.

Clean the white plastic eartips prior to use by others.

Replace disposable foam eartips regularly.
Cleaning the White Plastic Eartips

Firmly grip the eartip with one hand and the earphone with the other.

Carefully remove the eartip from the earphone.

Use warm water and mild soap to remove dirt and earwax from the eartip. Do not get the earphone wet.

Rinse and completely dry the eartip before placing it back on the earphone.

Push the eartip on the stem until it rests on the large edge of the barrel.

Changing Filters
ERäó¢4 MicroPro Earphones have special filters that shape the frequency response and prevent earwax from entering the earphones. These filters, a green acoustic mesh in a small metal barrel, are located at the end of the earphones and are visible when the eartips are removed. A dirty filter will reduce or block the earphone output (a filter may be blocked without appearing to be dirty). If one or both earphones stops working, or if the volume decreases, the filter should be replaced. The frequency with which the filters need to be changed will vary widely among users.
ERäó¢4P (Portable) earphones can be used with portable CD, MP3, DVD and other players without requiring an additional amplifier. As compared to the ERäó¢4S, the ERäó¢4P has 10 dB greater output at high frequencies and 13 dB greater output at low frequencies. The higher sensitivity and enhanced bass of the ERäó¢4P have made it the most popular earphone for most uses. ERäó¢4S (Stereo) earphones were designed to compensate for the high frequency emphasis in all CD recordings, in order to provide accurate sound reproduction. Performing musicians often use them as in-ear monitors because the response of the ERäó¢4S matches the response of most typical monitor loudspeakers. The high accuracy and exceptional sound isolation of the ERäó¢4S have made these earphones popular with musicians, recording engineers and audiophiles. ERäó¢4S earphones can be used with a headphone amplifier when using low power portable devices.