Dolphin Spy Sunglasses Mp3 player

Dolphin Spy Sunglasses Mp3 player

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Dolphin Spy Sunglasses Mp3 player, 130Mega Cmos Camera with Mp3 Player.Model: Spy Sunglasses 1.3MP(1280x1024 resolution)

Remote-controlled photo shooting Anti-scratch polarized flip-up lenses USB port for upload and recharge 2-hours battery life (shooting 10 photos/minute)

Colors: Black Spy Sunglasses with built-in camera & MP3 playback Imagine you are backpacking through a beautiful landscape and you want to capture everything you see. With the New Universe spy sunglasses you can make instant photos by looking through the eyepieces. These top of the range, lightweight sunglasses with UV400 polarized flip up lens are ideal in situations where you do not have space or time to carry heavy equipment. Think cross-country ski trips, nordic walking, mountain biking or holidays. They can also be used discretely in surveillance/spy operations.Within a stylish frame, the spy sunglasses incorporate a top quality camera and 1GB flash memory, all neatly hidden away from the naked eye. No one will know your trendy sunglasses are actually a camera!The camera captures amazing 1.3 megapixels images at a resolution of 1280x1024.

Besides taking photos you can also enjoy your favourite music via MP3 playback. The built-in earbuds provide convenient listening and can be hooked out of the way when not in use.The sunglasses are supplied with a RF remote control for easy, instant photo shooting, 1GB built-in flash memory, rechargeable battery (up to 9 hours) and a USB 2.0 interface for data upload, download and recharging.Capacity Built-in flash memory 2GBPhoto storage around 10000 photos 1GB; 20000 photos 2GB Port Standard Mini USB port Battery 240mAH/3.7V macrmolecule polymer li-ion rechargeable battery Recharging time 2 hours for fully charged Battery life 2 hours (10 photos/min); 4 hours (5 photos/min); 9 hours (1 photo/min); 6 hours (play music) Music playtime WMA format (64Kbps); 16 hours/1GB; 32 hours/2GB Compression level 32Kbps ~ 320Kbps S/N ratio 80dB Earphone output 5mW + 5mW Frequency response 20Hz ~ 20Khz Working temperature -5Œ_C~+50Œ_C ACCESSORIES INCLUDED Camera sunglasses with UV400 polarized flip up lens USB extension cable äó¢Remote control Charging adaptor instruction manual =