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CB Radio PNI Escort HP 8024 ASQ Power Supply 12V-24V + PNI Headset HF11

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CB Radio PNI Escort HP 8024 ASQ Power Supply 12V-24V + PNI Headset HF11

The CB PNI Escort HP 8024 radio station can be mounted both on cars with 12V power supply, as well as on trucks or TIRs with 24V power supply.

ASQ Adjustable

An innovation in the CB segment, adjustable automatic squelch (ASQ), offers maximum comfort even for the most demanding users of CB car radio stations. If up until now we were used to activating / deactivating the ASQ, now PNI brings its adjustment function, which allows to eliminate up to 100% of interference, background noise and jamming in the CB band.

ASQ button on microphone

For added driving comfort, PNI has set the automatic squelch on / off button (ASQ) on the microphone. In addition to this we find the up / down buttons for changing channels.

Key lock switch

CB PNI Escort radio station HP 8024 has a switch on the front panel that allows selecting the emergency channel (19), the normal operating mode (CH) and activating the key lock function (L), a useful function in situations when touch avoidance is desired. accidental station keys

Acoustic tube

The helmet is provided with a flexible rubber acoustic tube that offers increased comfort and much greater mobility, eliminating the risk of forcing the cable to repeat head movements. In addition, the In Ear system delivers a clear, powerful sound, eliminating background noise.

The headset has a 3.5mm 1 pin connection jack which makes it compatible with almost all models of mobile CB stations, such as those from PNI, Midland, Albrecht or TTI.

Reserve ear

The headset comes with a useful ear reserve for multiple users or if the initial one is damaged

Flexible and extensible cable

The cable length is 90cm but can be extended up to 130cm to give you freedom of movement.

  • AM/FM CB Radio
  • Channels: 40 AM/FM Channels
  • Frequency: 26.965-27.405 MHz
  • Manual and automatic squelch
  • Supply Voltage: 12V / 24V
  • Key lock function
  • Emergancy Channel Selection switch 9/19
  • Channel Selection UP / DOWN buttons
  • Signal Level LED
  • 2 - Digit Channel number indicator
  • Volume and radio start / stop potentiometer
  • LED indicators for RX / TX / ASQ
  • Microphone with channel selection buttons (up / down) and ASQ activation
  • 6 pin microphone jack on the front of panel
  • External speaker jack
  • Manual squelch and adjustable ASQ
  • Size: 115mm x 36mm x 152mm

  • Contents:

  • CB Radio
  • Microphone
  • Support and screws holding radio station
  • Microphone mounting bracket and screws
  • Power cable
  • Lighter plug