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AR 450 70cm Ringo Ranger Vertical

AR 450 70cm Ringo Ranger Vertical

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Ringo Ranger is a broadband UHF vertical antenna for the frequency spectrum of 410 - 470 MHz. Thus, it covers not only the 70 cm amateur radio band, but also numerous professional radio frequencies.

Thanks to its compact size and low weight, it can be mounted even in very confined spaces. 

Tuning to the desired center frequency is done by moving the elements according to a chart.

To ensure a long life Ringo Ranger is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, the screws are made of stainless steel.

For connection of the coaxial cable, there is an N jack located at the base of the antenna. The maximum load capacity is 100 watts.

Self-welding tape or silicone should be applied to seal the coax connector of the antenna and the connector on the cable.

Frequency 440-460MHz

Bandwidth 20MHz

Gain 3dBi

Power (FM) 500W

Height 0.43m

Mast size 19-22.2mm

Radials 130mm

Wind Load 0.01m

Weight 450g