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Albrecht AE 6690 Multi Standard CB Radio with CTCSS

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Albrecht AE 6690 Multi Standard CB Radio with CTCSS

Albrecht AE 6690 is an automatic squelch radio station with the possibility of activating CTCSS security codes. It has Roger Beep built-in and keyboard tones.

AE 6690 radio station has a 6-pin socket on the front for connecting the standard or amplifier type microphone or TNC modems.

The AE 6690 station offers you 1 programmable channel with Dual Watch and 3 selectable memories. AE 6690 has a scan module that can be used to monitor all channels in a row. To scan channels, press the SC key.

The CTCSS facility allows users of the same type of radio to talk to each other without any external interruption - the radio sits there quiet unless someone on the same channel with the same CTCSS code calls you.

AE 6690 radio station is of German quality, produced under the Albrecht brand, and complies with all European Union standards.

Multi Standard covering all EU bands

AM/FM in countries where permitted

Rotary channel change

Large LCD multi display

Illuminated buttons on microphone

Full band Scanning

Dual Watch

4 Memory channels

Priority Channel

ASQ Automatic Squelch

48 CTCSS codes

Roger Bleep

Key Bleep on/off

Frequency or Channel display

EEPROM Memory - does not go back to ch.9!!

Size: 137 x 130 x 40mm