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Sirio Gain Master CB 10m 11m Base Antenna

Sirio Gain Master CB 10m 11m Base Antenna

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High tech fiberglass base station antenna for CB and 10m amateur band. Completely designed by electromagnetic simulation to achieve the maximum gain and optimize the radiation pattern and bandwidth. Engineered with the most advanced available technologies it is completely manufactured in Italy with high quality materials. The new design of the radiant element (Patent Pending) works like a central feeded dipole so all RF currents on the radiator are in-phase and the ground plane radials are not necessary. The coaxial coil at the bottom works like RF-choke for the optimum decoupling from mast and feeding line. Made of telescopic fiberglass tubes, it is DC-grounded for the best protection from static discharges.

Sirio GainMaster is the new reference standard in its class of antennas.


Type 0.625 ‚ center feeded vertical dipole Frequency Range @ SWR 2.0 25.5 - 30 MHz 400 CB channel & 10m ham band Impedance 50 Œ Radiation Omnidirectional Polarization Linear Vertical Max Gain on the horizon 1 to 2 dB higher than conventional 5/8 ‚ Max Power 500 Watts (CW) continuous, 1000 Watts (CW) short time Ligthning protection All metal parts are DC-grounded, the inner conductor shows a DC-short Connector UHF-female, PTFE insulator & gold plated central pin MECHANICAL DATA Materials Whip made of white fiberglass four sections composite tube,radiator made of copper wire and low loss coax cable, stainless steel hardware, anodized AW6060 aluminium, UV stabilized thermoplastic. Wind Resistance up to 160 Km/h Height (approx.) 7360mm with bracket, radiator 6850mm Packaging Dimensions 1950 x 100 x 130 mm Weight (approx.) 3 Kg Mounting mast  35-54 mm side mast with bolt

How Gain-Master works (Patent Pending) As shown in Fig.3 the RF signal started from the generator run through the coaxial cable of the choke coil, then continue along the first part of the whip until it meet the coaxial stub that works as impedance matching, and then continue up to the termination of the coaxial line (antenna phase centre).At this point, the signal on the inner conductor crosses the capacitor and propagates along the upper half of the radiation element. The RF current travelling inside the cable shield, protruding outside the screen and descend toward the choke coil where the high impedance stop it (in fact, it's equivalent to a centre-fed dipole).

Why Gain-Masterhas better performance compared to a conventional 5/8‚The new design of radiant element (Patent Pending) behaves as a centre-fed dipole, hence all RF currents are in phase. This arrangement allowed us to increase the maximum gain of 0.6dB in comparison to a conventional 5/8‚ antenna with equal length; also it allowed us to have a radiation pattern similar to a dipole which has its maximum gain on the horizon.Gain-Master has the highest available gain for 5/8, antenna and due to its angle of radiation perfectly horizontal, can improve performance, better than competing antennas, at least 1-2dB, corresponding to 26%-58% more gain, as shown by direct pattern comparison. Other Gain-Master advantages are:It does not require ground plane radials because it is a balanced antenna that function as a centre-fed dipole.It's protected against static discharge by DC-short.Thanks to it's cable coil (RF-Choke) at the base, Gain-Master is fully decoupled from its supporting structure (poles, towers, etc.) with the benefit of preserving both the impedance that the radiation pattern.It has a exceptionally bandwidth (see Fig.8) of over 4.5MHz (400 CB channels) from 25.5 to 30MHz and does not requires any tuning. It accepts a maximum continuous power of 500 Watts RMS.