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Diamond MX 3000 Triplexer VHF UHF 23cm

  • £78.49
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Diamond MX 3000 Antenna Triplexers are used to split or combine HF, VHF, and UHF signals. These triplexers may be used for combining three transceivers or transceiver connectors with different band ranges onto one coax feed line. Diamond triplexers feature a high-quality aluminum case with a black finish. The Diamond MX-3000 is a mobile triplexer with a singleSO-239 input into three ouputs connected to 14 inch cable with various outputs of 2m, 70cm and 23cm. 

1.6 - 60MHz 800W PEP

Loss 0.2dB 

350 -500MHz 500W PEP

Loss 0.3dB

850 - 1300MHz 200W Loss 0.4dB 

MX-3000 Mix/HPF íîNí´ others PL-259

Size 65 x 85 x 23mm approx