PNI PMR R8 446 Handset Radio's Twin Pack set 2

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PNI PMR R8 446 Handset Radio's Twin Pack

Multiple functions.

PNI PMR R8 two-way radio comes with many useful functions: VOX (automatic transmission without pushing the PTT button)

TOT (Timeout Timer)

Scan (automatic channel scan)

Roger Beep and Channel Monitor

Security codes

PNI PMR R8 two-way radio provides 8 PMR channels, 83 digitally encoded codes plus 38 CTCSS codes, a feature that allows a group of people to talk to each other without hearing or being heard by other users on the same channel.

Communication range. The communication range depends on the environment and can be affected by hills or buildings that can obstruct the radio waves. The maximum range in the open field is about 6 km. Connectivity. Thanks to the one pin jack for connecting a microphone or headphone, PNI PMR R8 is compatible with many accessories, such as Midland MA28-G5 Microphone.

Technical specifications:.

PMR446. Range up to 6 Km.

PMR frequency: 446 MHz 8 PMR446 channels. Security codes: 38 CTCSS. Vox.

LCD screen.

Power: 0, 5 W PMR.

Power voltage: 4 AAA alkaline batteries (R3)/ 4 AAA rechargeable batteries (R3)/rechargeable battery NiMh 600mAh.

Weight: 73 g.

Dimensions: 95 x 53 x 25 mm.

Pin number: 1 pin.


Call function: 8 ring tones.

Channel scan.

Low battery indicator.

Dual watch. Channel monitor.

Batteries NOT INC