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It is same as TVIX M-4100SH, but made of the premium quality Aluminum casing.The main features are fan speed control,good heat emission effect, kensington lock. premium design etc.
Most advanced digital jukebox on the planet.
Comes with H.264, HDML and SATA !

H.264 is a brand-new and superb compression technology today. It makes you more stunning HD movie with lower storage capacity.

Optional TVIX Tuner will bring you the digital TV set-top box and PVR (personal video recorder) capabilities. It can show, record and playback the whole digital TV broadcastings.

Optional wireless LAN gives you the wider access of your PC and network from anywhere in your home.

Also it retains the virtures of previous TVIX series like DVD jukebox, ultimate movie file playback, music playback upto FLAC format, photo slideshow, USB host connectivity, and Ethernet. It has another exceptional feature like fast JPEG decoding which gives you much faster photo loading.

The new age of Multi-media players
TViX HD can playback high definition video (up to 1,920 X 1,080), DVD, digital still images and music files saved through the USB port. With this digital juke box, you can enjoy the saved contents on TV any time you want. In addition, with the TViX tuner named T510 [for ATSC] / T530 [for DVB-T] (the optional part), you can upgrade the TViX as a PVR device not only receiving HD broadcasting signal but also recording TV programs.

The newest chipset installed!
With the first and newest chipset, itŒ猿s possible to playback contents compressed by H.264, to use SATA I,II HDD, to output HDMI and to play JPEG by hardware.

The most advanced compression technology, H.264.
The TViX features high compatibility with H.264 which is the most advanced video compression technology, AVC (HD) and VC1.

HDMI provides unparalleled qualities to digital video and audio, while DVI only serves digital video. You donŒ猿t have to mess around with several AV cables. It provides single, pure and simple way to connect your display. It can deliver uncompressed digital video up to 1080p as well as multi-channel digital audio.

Playback JPEG format by hardware
ItŒ猿s possible to display HD and huge image files of a digital camera at much higher speed than previous TViX series.

Copy and Paste function without a personal computer
You can copy and paste files saved in TViX HDD without a personal computer. Now you don't need to bring your TViX back to your computer to transfer files into/ out of the TViX.

Selected files could be copied and pasted by the function key on the remote controller. (You are requested to use your PC in case of TP file or to copy/paste one at a time)

Wire/ Wireless Network Storage function (FTP function)
TViXŒ猿s FTP server function not only just can make the file delete, copy, move by LAN cable, but also you can access it by internet .so wherever you are you can easily access to your folder if you have your own IP address.

Convenient file deletion:

Press the delete button on the remote controller.
You donŒ猿t need to connect to your PC with USB cable to delete files.

DVD Jukebox:

TViX HD can playback DVD movies with the full functionality of DVD navigation. You can create your own virtual DVD library by storing your private collection of DVDs in .ISO or .IFO format and watch them exactly as if they were running from the original DVDs (all original features included: Menu, Chapter, Audio Stream, Subtitle, Fast Forward, Rewind, Slow, Pause, Step Forward, Repeat, Search, etc.)

Newly redesigned in premium black:

Advanced TViX!!!
The luxury and well-matched design with home appliances such as a digital TV makes your room an upgraded place. Through the distinguished VFD window, you can easily check the player working state and enjoy music without TV.

USB2.0 Host:
With two USB2.0 host ports, you can now attach additional external USB hard drives to further extend the storage capacity or transfer files from another USB device such as a thumb drive. You can also playback files from a digital camera, USB flash driver, USB flash card reader, or a MP3 player.

Review from MPC Club:

DViCO M-5100SH confirms position King of the World.
We have progressed so far in the review that we can confirm already, DViCo remains King of the World concerning HDD Media Players. After multuple days of tests, setting up, checking options, finding hidden features (or features not easy to find as we "never" use manuals to check user convenience) and trying out numerous formats in H.264, DVD backups and the usual DiVX, BiVX and XViD range, it is very clear that not other player supports as many formats and as many features as the latest TViX models.

The whole TViX experience is a treat. No other player comes even close to the capabilities of the TViX M-5100SH or its features and operations in the range of HDD Media Adapters so TViX remains king of the world. Itäó»s a true monster eating almost any and all formats with use in control how that should exactly happen.

The general performance and quality is superb including the H.264 capabilities although mkv is a format many will miss. "About mkv support", says Mr. Harry Lee from DViCo who is developing the products, "we also think itäó»s very important and will try and see whether itäó»s possible. MKV is a open format, so porting to M-5100SH will not be very difficult. But the hurdle is the CPU performance and the memory limitation(no MMU) of the Sigmasäó» 8622/23 chips. I am quite sure we can do it on the EM-8634 platform which has a more powerful MIPS cpu and much larger memory. But the product with EM-8634 or equivalent will be announced only later this year or next year. Anyway, we will try MKV and see on M-5100SH with higher priority, please wish us luck." The missing mkv format and the missing picture formats in combination with no rotation (or it is stashed behind a button where it doesnäó»t belong and we couldn't find it) are the biggest remarks so far. The FW is still in progress as we found some features disabled along the way but nothing we consider a problem even though we could not start testing on the T-530 Tuner yet. The FTP is fast and easy and very helpful to administer the TViX remotely even though we would prefer custom user and password.

Package Contents:
TViX HD M-5100SH, Remote Control, A/V Cable, Manual, Power cable, USB Cable

Main Chipset Sigma Design EM8623
VFD Display 7 Alpha-Numeric Character, 5 Numeric Display
Video Format :.avi, .wmv, .mpg, .iso .vob, .ifo, .mp4, .asf, .tp, .trp, .ts, .m2ts, .mov(H.264)
Codec : MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, AVI, XVID, WMV9(MP@HL), H.264, AVC(HD) , VC-1(MP@HL, AP@L3)
Resolutions up to 1920*1080P
Audio MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, PCM, M4A, AC3,FLAC, WAV
Photo Lossless JPEG (Progressive JPEG not Support)
Connections USB2.0 Host 2 Ports
USB2.0 Target 1 Port
WLAN 802.11g (optional)
Multi I/O Jack (Optional Breakout Box)
AV In / Out Video: HDMI, Component, S-Video, Composite
Digital : Coaxial, Optical / Analog: Stereo
File System Formats NTFS, FAT32
DTV Recording : 7200rpm, NTFS

Hard Disk SATA I,II HDD only
Subtitle Text Subtitle : smi,sub,srt,lrc,txt
Image Subtitle : sub (with idx)

ODD Support Through USB 2.0 Host
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Russian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
FAN 40mm Brushless FAN
FAN Control Temperature Sensing, Varialble Speed
Memory Main: 128M byte / Flash: 16 M byte
Internal Power 90~240V Free Voltage
Shape Cylindrical
Dimension 131mm (Diameter) 185mm (Height)
Weight 1,200g (without HDD) 1,800g (with HDD)