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Same as TVIX M-5100SH, but made of the plastic casing. Value for money !!

Most advanced digital jukebox on the planet.
Comes with H.264, HDML and SATA !

H.264 is a brand-new and superb compression technology today. It makes you more stunning HD movie with lower storage capacity.

Optional TVIX Tuner will bring you the digital TV set-top box and PVR (personal video recorder) capabilities. It can show, record and playback the whole digital TV broadcastings.

Optional wireless LAN gives you the wider access of your PC and network from anywhere in your home.

Also it retains the virtures of previous TVIX series like DVD jukebox, ultimate movie file playback, music playback upto FLAC format, photo slideshow, USB host connectivity, and Ethernet. It has another exceptional feature like fast JPEG decoding which gives you much faster photo loading.