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A keyringWorld's smallest smartphone rechargeable deviceEmergency talktime when you need it mostQuirky novelty fuel can designRecharge your Fuel Cell Phone Charger via Micro USBBattery safetyLED charging indicators and switchg sized charger that can power up your smartphone with extra talktime when you need it most in this amazingly compact and pleasing novelty design - in green. Emergency talktime when you need it most via Micro USBIts 220mAh battery is designed to provide around 20 - 30 minutes extra talktime or up to a few hours more standby via the Micro USB output. This is perfect for when you have had an unexpected delay or haven't been able to fully charge your phone and you need to make a few calls, send a work email or use your GPS and maps function to find your way home.Quirky novelty fuel can designWith its fuel can inspired look, not only is it amazingly compact, but it is also one of the most appealing emergency chargers available today. Unlike the real thing, these imitation fuel can designs are extremely light, small, portable and ooze appeal with not even a whiff of petrol or diesel. So provide emergency 'fuel' for your smartphone by carrying around with you the Fuel Cell Phone Charger.The body of the product is pure die-cast aluminium. This means it is incredibly strong, but still lightweight. The aluminium is painted, lacquered and then baked to give a semi-gloss finish.The housing weighs around just half an ounce.Recharge your Fuel Cell Phone Charger via Micro USBCharge up the Fuel Cell Phone Charger from any AC Micro USB wall plug, such as those for an Android Phone, Kindle or a standard USB äóñ Micro USB Male cable via your computer. Then when charging is complete, simply place it in your pocket, on your key chain or in your car and forget about it until you need it most.Battery safetyThe battery itself features an integrated PCM, providing the all important battery management - so the Fuel Cell Phone Charger is extra safe with no risk of over-charging.LED charging indicators and switchThe three LED indicators tell you if the Fuel Cell Phone Charger is switched on, charging or is fully charged. There is also a switch to turn on and off the charger, ensuring you are not needlessly wasting power. Features Battery capacity: 220mAh Battery rating: 5C Battery chemistry: Lith-ion