Fiio E9i ipod iphone Amplifier

Fiio E9i ipod iphone Amplifier

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1 Headphone output jack 3.5 and 6.35
2 Volume cntrol with power switch knob
3 Indicator light
4 Headphone output jack
5 DOCK connector
6 Stereo line input connector (3.5mm)
7 Stereo sound source output connector (3.5mm)
8 RCA line output connector
9 Gain switch
10 USB connector
11 DC Power port


.Output power
1W (16 Ohm loaded) 80mW (600 Ohm loaded)
.Headphone ImpedanceRange:16 Ohm~600 Ohm
.SNR:[LINE IN]100db(A weight)
.Distortion:[LINE IN]
.Frequency response: 10Hz~10Khz
LINE OUT: 2V rms
.Predriveout: 0~2V rms
Power supply mode: DC15V/1.5A
.Size 149mm x56mm
.Weight 445g
.One Cartoon Box:10PCS; 13K

.Two channel power output, Suitable for both headphones with 3.5 and 6.35mm
.Main power amplifier use the TI corporation's, it with 5uVrms noise, low distortion
0.00014% THC +N;high switching rate, 1300V/uS current-feedback model IC:TPA6120
.Witch on/off mute function;using sealed relaysf for protecting power amplifier output;
using ALPS sealed low noise potentionmeter
.Internal audio buffer amplification BB OPA2134: FET input, with advantages of
low noise:8nVsqrHz; low distortion 0.00008%THD;high switching rate:20V/uS and so on

.Ipod/Iphone special base, perfect realization USB connection with audio lineout,
also can to Ipod/Iphone charging

.With LOW (10dB)/ HIGH (18dB) gain choice
.Two audio output: one is the 3.5mm port of E9 (adjustable output); another one port of
RCA output (fixed/unadjustable output)
.Built-in power converter module, high efficiency, high precision and low noise,
to meet great needs of dynamic signal processing
.LED power indicator light
.With function of output priority of headphone plugging-in, the external output RCA
will not work after inserting headphone