Fiio E11 Portable amplifier

Fiio E11 Portable amplifier

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Main features:

1, Replaceable battery ( compatible with NOKIA BL-5B)
2, working voltage: +/- 4.5V or +/- 6V
3, Voltage Gain: 10 dB
4, Volume control: Alps potentionmeter
5, OP: AD8397
6, Output power: 150mW;
7, Case: Aluminium alloy
8, Playtime: 10 Hours!
9, line in , headphone out
10, Bass boost ( 2 level)

Small size, easy to carry
Built-in high-performance lithium battery, standard BL-5B model, convenient to replace.

High efficiency and low noise power boost, precision separate pressure for dual-supply, satisfy large dynamic signal.

Heavy current three channels amplified circuit, effective to lower the output impedance.

Volume control use the closed APLS potentiometer, ensure the low noise and good channel balance.

Three levels bass boot, can meet different needs of the sound.

Two levels gain option, suitable for using with different phones.

Two levels working voltage option, satisfy different needs of the trends (hidden design)

Auto-lock protective circuit, will cut off automatically when abnormal cases happened to protect the headset and your hearing.

Charge priority function: This machine will stop working immediately when charge it, meanwhile, red light is on and blue one off. When the battery has been charged completely, please unplug the external source, this machine begin to work again, at the same time, the red light off, blue light on.


Power Source (Adapter)DC 5V, 500mA

Frequency Response 10~100KHz

Signal to Noise Ratio 98dB

Crosstalk 60dB

GainΣ 12dB(High); 6dB(Low)

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.009%(10mW)

Maximum Output Power Voltage=H 300mW(16Œ_ŒŸ)

Voltage=L 120mW(16Œ_ŒŸ)

Battery charge time 200M

Battery play hours: 10H

Recommended Headphone Impedance Œ_16~300Œ_ŒŸ

Input Impedance5KŒ_ŒŸ

Size 92.5x 54.2x 13.4mm

Weight 65g (battery included