Euro Expander 500 Desk Microphone

Euro Expander 500 Desk Microphone

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Preamplified Base Microphone


Dynamic cartridge type
Impedance : 0-5 K
Output level : 400 mVpp adjustable
Frequency response : 250-8000 Hz
Power supply : standard 9 Vdc batteries


The Expander has been realized for specific use in the
field of communications.
It has a high gain amplifier (55 dB) and a volume
compressor which make it different to any conventional
microphones used up till now.
The high controllable output is able to fully modulate
any type of transmitter.

It has an excellent timbre which can be personolized
thanks to a special equalizer.
With the VU-Meter incorporated it is possible to have a
constant control of the modulating signal level/battery
level. The 4 wire connection cable allows compatibility
of TX/RX switching with any type os transceiver.