Etymotic  ER6i Earphones ipod earphones WHITE

Etymotic ER6i Earphones ipod earphones WHITE

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Etymotic ER-6i earphones formulated especially for Apple iPod

Etymotic ER-6i isolator earphones are designed specifically for use with the Apple iPod and other small portable players, offering 8 dB higher overall sensitivity and slightly more bass than the ER-6 isolator earphones.

For Travel and Personal Listening

Use with MP3, CD, DVD players and personal computers
Lightweight, compact, fits in your pocket; no battery required
Highest noise isolation (except Etymotic's ER-4 MicroPro earphones)
ERäó¢6i on Today Show - July 21, 2004

Enhanced Bass
" The Etymotic ER6i was developed for Apple iPod users with the goal of providing greater sensitivity and enhanced bass without compromising fidelity," explained Mead Killion, Ph.D., founder and president of Etymotic Research, Inc. They come in white to complement the design and image of Apple products. The 6i is supplied with additional eartips, extra filters and a small carrying case. The black ER-6, Etymotic's most popular product, will continue to be available. The ER-6 is designed to provide a flat frequency response, the most accurate response of any product other than the ER-4S.
Response Accuracy
True high fidelity sound reproduction requires the reproduced sound to be as close as possible to the sound of a live performance. The Isolator earphones are designed to match the acoustic response of the open ear.

Response of ER-6 & 6i Earphones (measured at eardrum)

Dotted red line is target frequency response of open ear to live performances (CD equalization)

Noise Isolation
The Isolator earphones reduce environmental sound levels 30-35 dB, allowing you to hear the full range of today's digital recordings without having to play them at unnaturally high and unsafe levels. Since you don't have to boost the volume to overcome external noise, ear overload distortion is minimized.

Includes 5 ft. cord with 3.5 mm stereo plug / 1 pair eartips / 1 pair foam eartips / 2 replacement filters / Filter changing tool / Shirt clip / Zippered pouch