CRT One N CB Radio PLUS Centre Loaded Mag Mount

CRT One N CB Radio PLUS Centre Loaded Mag Mount

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Mode AM / FM European Multinorms

Power 4 Watts AM / 4 Watts FM Channels 40

S-METER Yes ( TX / RX )

SQUELCH Manual or Automatic (ASQ)

RF GAIN Yes : adjust sensibility on

RX SCAN function Yes :

automatic search of busy channels

Various functions Direct access to channel 9/19 + Keypad lock Bonus

Backlit keys + Jack plug for external loud speaker

Mike UP/DOWN selection

Display LCD display

Size 10.2 x 10 x 2.5 cm

Weight 470 gr 


Mag Mount

The top whip has one SWR guide mark for both EU and UK bands making it very simple to tune.
An SWR meter should still however be used to fine tune the antenna.
The magnetic base has a protective boot and the whole antenna stands only 28" [70cms] high  
This antenna will not perform as well as the larger CB aerials, but it is very useful for those who need a more compact aerial.

1/4 wave base loaded mobile antenna
Power Handling 100 watts
Length 78cm
Coil length 140mm
Coil diameter 8 mm
Impedance 50 Ohms
Frequency 27-28 Mhz
SWR 1:1.5
Fitting 3/8 UNF
Whip:  17/7 ph Stainless Steel