Archos ArcDisk 4GB hard disk USB Key

Archos ArcDisk 4GB hard disk USB Key

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ARCHOS pushes the limit of miniaturization with the ARCDisk,

an external 4GB hard drive in a USB key format. Featuring an extremely compact and

lightweight design(weighing only 1.4 oz / 40 g) and foldable USB connector, the ARCDisk 4GB

is ideal for storing and transporting computer files, documents, music, videos and photos

while on the go.

Quickly add a hard drive to your PC or Mac for back ups.
Download, store and transfer data, music, videos or photos using
the high-speed USB 2.0 interface
(USB 1.1 compatible).
No external power supply is needed.
Hot swappable.
Enjoy greater mobility thanks to its slim, lightweight design with built-in foldable
USB connector.
Save time and space äóñ
avoid plugging in cables as no external power supply is needed on most computers.