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MODEL CRT EC2018 ECHO POWER MICROPHONE SPECIFICATION Sensivity : -42 dB at 1,000 Hz (at Maximum V.R. and at Minimum echo Volume V.R.) Impedance : 3k and less at 1000 Hz (at V.R. max) Frequency Response : 150-3,500 Hz Echo Frequency Response : 250-3,500 Hz Battery : DC 9V (006P) Mike cartridege : ECM Type Type : Omni-directional electret condenser type OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Open the back cover of the microphone by unscrewing the fixing stud. Insert a 006P battery, ensuring that the polarity is correct. Check that power is available by pressing the PTT switch. The red L.E.D. should light. 2. Connect the microphone to your transceiver. 3. Open the back cover, then adjust the VR2 (power control) by using small screwdriver for optimum modulation. Note : if in doubt, set to minimum volume and gradually increase. 4. Open the back cover, then adjust the VR1 (echo time control) by using small screwdriver for echo time control. 5. Adjust the echo level for echo level control. NOTES ON USE 1. Although the input/output and power supply circuits are provided with high frequency, filters, interference can be further reduced by ensuring that : 1) Microphone cord, antenna coaxial cable, etc… are kept as far apart as possible. 2) SWR value are kept at less that 1.5 by matching coaxial cable impedance with antenna impedance 3) The transmitter is well earthed by a short, thick earth cable. 2. As the echo or reverberation volume increases, the ease of understanding tends to decrease. Do not overdo the echo. 3. Do not use the echo with a microphone compressor or speech processor. Open the rear cover by turning this knob counter clockwise and put a 9V battery into the battery holder Inside VR1 variable echo time control. VR2 variable power control 4 pn plug

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