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CHAMELEON Zepp Antenna 80 - 10m Wire HF

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Zepp Antenna 80 - 10m Wire

CHAMELEON Zepp Antenna 80 - 10m Wire HF

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The Zepp antenna is a multiband shortwave antenna. This antenna form is constructed of a λ/2 radiator and a λ/4 transforming line. So this antenna is a

halfwave radiator for the lowest band, and resonant on higher, harmonic bands. The Chameleon Zepp Antenna is intended for limited space environments or

other situations where little space for antennas is available, or for situations where it is unclear how an antenna can be installed (in case of emergencies, for

example). The antenna has a total length of 22.8m and covers all bands from 80 to 10m. The radiating part is 7.6m long, 15.2m are made of a impedance

transforming parallel wire. For operation a tuner is required. Radials or a counterpoise is not necessary, but a counterpoise can improve the efficiency of the

antenna. For this purpose a screw terminal at the transformer is provided. Depending on local conditions the Zepp antenna can be installed in a straight or in an

angular form. The height above ground is (among others) important for the radiating pattern. A low and horizontal antenna is good for high-angle radiation,

good for local distances of up to 400km. A vertical part and higher installation above ground is good for low angle take-off and long distances. Included in

shipment is an isolator at the radiating end of the wire, and a strain relief at the transformer end. The antenna has a max. power rating of 500W SSB. Total

length is 22.8m, weight is 1kg. Connectors on transformer is PL female. The length of the coaxial feed line is not limited.

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